No old stuff

Not only trains, teddy bears and dolls

  • The "Bing Museum" is a history and cultural-historical museum for technology, real life and play culture in the age of industrialisation up to the Second World War.
  • Almost 2,000 exhibits of the then market leader Bing Nuremberg explain the complete international world of games and life.
  • 7 exhibition areas on 3 levels create clarity with loving-creative use of the entire premises for the presentation of the rich exhibits.
  • The whole toy house is full of memories and information and leads to an often surprising journey of discovery.
  • The museum café is smoothly integrated into the overall exhibition with the presentation of Bing household goods Selected information on exhibits, explanatory videos and museum guides "150 Years of Bing" explain the museum visit, even without a guided tour.
  • Historical role models of industrialization are specifically presented by text, photo and film.

Participate and discover

  • Children discover the colourful and exciting world of historical toys
  • A play and painting corner for a creative approach to our exhibits
  • Child-friendly guided tours through the museum
  • Demonstrations and explanations
  • As part of a celebration, we offer exciting puzzle tours through the museum.

History lessons in a toy museum? Of course!

  • Toys through the ages
  • Technical cultural assets in a historical context
  • The company history of Bing, the largest toy manufacturer in the world!
  • Jewish companies under National Socialism - conditions and effects
  • Life worlds around 1900
  • Role models: When toys were still teaching aids
  • Group demonstrations and explanations of selected objects
  • Professional guided tours for all age groups


  • What could be better than good childhood memories? Our museum is the perfect place.
  • Grandparents can vividly show their grandchildren what their childhood was like.
  • Memories help with mental health. Toys also help with dementia therapy.
  • Our café invites you to talk over coffee and cake

Up close - The international Bing player meeting

  • For over 7 years the international meeting place for Bing collectors and interested people
  • Experience old toys in action
  • For all senses: Historical model railways and steam engines rattle, hiss and whistle
  • Always special additional topics and new exhibits
  • Come and talk to experts and collectors
  • Bring along and join in the fun by appointment
  • Embedded in the unique ambience of the historic Von-Busch-Hof in Freinsheim

In action

  • Presentation and demonstrations of exhibits (by appointment)
  • Experience exhibits at the interantional "Bing Players' Meeting" or at the "Steam Tea" during the Advent season.

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