The concept: Unique

The museum presents a private collection of Nuremberg Bing toys and household goods that is unique in quality, structure and variety. All exhibits are historical and older than 1932. The scope and exclusivity of the exhibits are unique worldwide.

At the present time, the collection preserves and maintains well over 2,000 exhibits on a wide variety of subjects from the Bing production range alone - all produced before 1932 and for the most part in excellent condition:

  • Railways (steam, clockwork, electric) and stations
  • Steam engines, drive models
  • Cars, ships, airplanes
  • Bears, dolls, stuffed animals
  • Herd of dolls, doll's house furnishings
  • Board and parlour games, playing cards
  • Cinematographs, children's gramophones, bingola
  • Children's books, brochures, catalogues, advertising material
  • Physical and technical teaching aids
  • Typewriters, cameras, irons
  • Household objects (enamel, copper, art nouveau)
  • Refrigerators, stoves
  • Militaria, flashlights

Marion Groll is the owner and director of the museum. As a children's educator, it is important to her to build up a lively museum, which is worth a visit all year round due to its overall concept (incl. museum café).

Using the example of the so-called "pre-war toys", the Bing Museum spans a broad historical arc over the development of the German toy industry and industrial culture, international trade, the consequences of the Great Depression and the rise and fall of Jewish entrepreneurship in Germany.

Cooperation with school classes and the support of individual pupils in the context of project days and project work are expressly desired. Interested teachers are requested to contact us!

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