The big world in miniature

With over 2000 exhibits, it is not easy to give an overview. Our small selection of objects testifies to the incredible variety and quality of the products from the house of Bing. Let us surprise you.

Do you mind?

Ring-a-ding-ding, row-a-ding-ding,
two of them are children,
sitting under the Holder bush,
and all go shoo, shoo, shoo.

How about it?

Iceberg ahead!

With the upswing of the 1920s, larger passenger ships were built again. The greatest technical innovation was oil firing, which replaced the coal firing of the ships that had been standard practice until 1914.

Our icebergs (at the ice cream parlour) taste like strawberries and are harmless!

Allow me: Mr. Propellor My profession: courier

Did this courier with a propeller inspire author Astrid Lindgren for the 1974 film "Karlsson on the Roof"?

Get to know me!

Airman, greet the sun

From the North Pole to the South Pole is only a stone's throw away
We fly the route in all weathers (...)

Shall we get started?

With clockwork, steam and electricity

Tuff tuff tuff, the railroad,
Who wants to go, who wants to go
I don't like to ride alone
So I'll take my grandpa along

Get in!

On a great safari

Elephants are among the most fascinating animals of all The majestic animals impress not only by sheer size - they can grow up to four meters high and weigh six tons - but by an extraordinary social behavior and interesting facts. No wonder a safari in the children's room would be unimaginable without elephants.

Let's lie in wait!

Music is trumps

"Old and young rejoiced in it,
Children's hearts laughed with joy,
Buy Bingola, dear people
Then it's the same for you."
(from the 1927 Bing catalogue)

Ready to be serenaded?

You don't have to go to Wuppertal

Around 1890, the Rhenish Royal Commercial Councillor Karl Eugen Langen, inventor, designer and entrepreneur, was engaged in the development of an overhead railway system for passenger transport. The Wuppertal suspension railway by Bing here in the museum is the only known, fully functional example.

Float along!

Zeus, Pluto and Orion

The steam engines, steam road rollers and mobile locomobiles were available from Bing in a rich selection and some of them had imaginative names.

We're making a lot of steam!

For princesses

Maybe this leaping frog of Bing was inspired by the fairy tale Frog Prince? But then why a hat and not a crown? We'll probably never know. The only thing that is clear is that this fun and colorful toy was a success and was offered in the program for a long time.

Kiss me!

Man's best friend

"There is no animal more the friend of man than the dog (...)"
(Erasmus of Rotterdam in 1518)

Shall we go for a walk?