The train needs rails

How it all began

It began in April 1996, when my wife persuaded me to visit the flea market in Wiesbaden, 60 km from my home, at 5 o'clock in the morning, equipped with a flashlight. For a late riser a maximum punishment...

There, among a lot of ceramics and tableware, stood a dainty little wind-up locomotive with matching wagons.

The question about the purchase price was answered with DM 380,-, which made me ask the horrified question: "Why???".

The patient salesman then enlightened me in a half-hour conversation about the famous manufacturer of this train....

Bing works in Nuremberg

My wife sent me away and came back later with a little bag and a beaming smile: "I negotiated again and got the train for DM 280,- - isn't that great?" To me this still seemed very expensive.... I had no idea about tin toys yet. At home, sliding on my knees, I realized....

The train needs rails - Where's a yard sale next week?

This was the beginning of a passionate collecting activity. Over the years, the collection became so extensive that we decided to set up our own museum. My wife is the owner and director of the museum, as I as an entrepreneur would never have the time for this. In addition, as a children's educator, she has the necessary expertise and experience to build up a lively museum that is also economically self-supporting through its overall concept. Today, the collection comprises more than 2000 exhibits of the Bing company from the period 1895 to 1932, with the emphasis on the exhibits of the early 20th century. When displaying the various exhibits, we strive to maintain the greatest possible authenticity and to present them in scenes or as exclusive individual pieces. In doing so, traces of play and the signs of the times are accepted, as they are authentic.

Your Uwe Groll