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Rhineland-Palatinate Museum Association

There are more than 430 museums in Rhineland-Palatinate. They form a cultural backbone of our federal state and are indispensable as preservers of cultural heritage.

The Museumsverband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. (Rhineland-Palatinate Museum Association), founded in 1992, represents the interests of the museums and has been advising museums and their sponsors as well as politically responsible persons on museum-specific issues on behalf of the state government since April 2001.

Community of interest "Fahrergemeinschaft Tischeisenbahn"

Public Relations Peter Berg, 76593 Gernsbach. The Bing table railway was the first 00 gauge railway in 16.5mm gauge. Although Märklin had already introduced the Liliput railway (1912-29) as a 00 railway, it had a shadowy existence and was of a larger gauge (26mm). The real start came with Bing's revolutionary development. The first thoughts about this probably already existed around 1914 (Greenly / Bassett-Lowke). Bing in Nuremberg started production at a time of great economic problems in Germany (inflation, unemployment) and set the new standard of 16.5mm gauge 00 (= half gauge 0), which was renamed H0 (half-zero) in the 1950s. At the end of 1922 came 2 starter sets. In 1923 there were 5 more sets. At the beginning there were only clockwork locomotives and from November 1924 also electric engines with all-current drive (max. 8 volts). Both the miniature clockwork and the small electric motors represented technical feats at the time. They found room in locomotives that were only half as large as before.

The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum

International steam engine forum with extensive information, also regarding technology and restoration.
The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum

Old model railways

A forum for collectors and lovers of old model railways.

Pewter figures-lead figures

Extensive historical sources and material on the company history of Haffner, Bing, TRIX and others. Very comprehensive information material about BING which we gladly used in the picture part of the history of the Bing company - Many thanks to Bernd Schwarz!

Old toy trains in operation

More than 50 active players, who revive old model railways with much love and commitment.


Train Collector's Association

One of the World's Largest and Most Prestigious Collecting Societies Headquartered in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Homepage of the TRIX EXPRESS Friends Berlin

1927 Stephan Bing and others took over the Nuremberg toy manufacturer "Andreas Förtner, J. Haffner's Nachfolger" with the large factory building Bärenschanzstraße 131 / Führter Straße 98 built by Max erlanger in 1907, in 1931 the new metal construction set was brought out, in 1935 the first fully-fledged model railway in gauge 00 was presented at the Leipzig Spring Fair under the name TRIX EXPRESS and immediately launched on the market, at the same time the company name "TRIX - Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken Nürnberg - Andreas Förtner, J. Haffner's Nachfolger" was used, in 1937 nearly scale locomotives and cars were offered for the first time, in 1938 the company had to be sold by the Jewish owners to Ernst Voelk in view of an impending expropriation by the Nazi regime, at the same time Stephan Bing together with his partners continued the development of the TRIX variant TTR - TRIX TWIN RAILWAY in England, in 1941 the toy production in Germany was stopped and resumed in 1948.

Bing cave Streitberg

...one of the most beautiful dripstone caves in Germany In 1905, the "Binghöhle" was discovered and opened up by the Nuremberg business councillor Ignaz Bing. Unlike all other Jurassic caves, it is not located in sponge limestone or dolomite, but in stratified limestone. The Bing cave stretches over a length of 300 m through the earth's interior and can be walked through safely without any concerns for clothing. Fantastic stalactite formations in the immediate vicinity of the viewer give the impression of a stalactite gallery.

Historical facts:
1905 Excavation by Kommerzienrat Ignaz Bing
1907 First electric lighting
1936 Discovery of a further 100 metres of passage and construction of the present exit
2005 Complete renewal of the electric lighting and construction of the new ticket office and cave guide house Binghöhlen Anniversary year - 100 years of discovery of the Binghöhle


Your platform for stories and information about the world of toys. This magazine, newly published in 2014, offers us collectors and toy enthusiasts a large stage with exciting, entertaining, profound and informative articles. Toys also reflect the respective lifestyle and industrial culture and are therefore not only an exciting topic from a collector's point of view.

Magazine Old Toys

The magazine "Altes Spielzeug" is now in its 8th year. One reason for the success is certainly the mix of topics from history, current reporting, entertainment and also new nostalgic toys.

Motorcycle and Technology Museum Leiningerland

The name MTM means: Motorrad Technik Museum. As the name suggests, the MTM exhibits not only motorcycles, but also a wide variety of technology. From the wrench to the working transmission, from the oil can to the stationary engine and also radios, typewriters and cameras are abundant.

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