With clockwork, steam and electricity


Real Steam Locomotive King Edward Track II LNWR

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Finest steam locomotive with a tender in 54 mm gauge. With 2 fixed, protected cylinders and reversing control for forward and reverse, with flame protection, nickel-plated flanged wheels, brass dome, and steam discharge through the chimney. A very popular model in England, which was available in various gauges. The almost infinite variety of Bing railways and accessories is also reflected in the exhibition. From gauge "N" over 28, 35, 54, 67mm up to the noble size of 75mm everything is represented in the Bing Museum. The same goes for the drives: simple push trains, electric from 4 volts to "heavy current" as well as clockwork and real steam. The prototypes of the railways come from all over the world, although we may not yet speak of "model railways". Depending on the customer's wishes, Bing offered partly elaborate models that came close to the original, but also highly simplified, inexpensive toy trains. Bing wanted to satisfy all customer wishes and the respective financial possibilities. When the international "Bing community" meets once a year at the end of October/beginning of November in the Von-Busch-Hof Freinsheim, there is rattling, hissing and whistling from all corners. But not only railways are demonstrated, but also steam engines and always surprising special topics from the large Bing range.