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Steam road roller

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The steam engines, steam road rollers and mobile locomobiles were available from Bing in a rich, selection and sometimes bore fanciful names. This illustrated version has a device for forward and reverse driving, is finely painted, has a steel blue patinated brass boiler and is equipped with safety valve, oscillating cylinder, steam whistle and flame guard. 26cm length, 11.5cm width, 21cm height, dealer selling price Mk 16.60 Steam rollers were developed and successfully used in the early 1860s. They marked the step towards industrialisation and replaced the rollers that had been used previously, most of which were horse-drawn. Due to their proverbial power ("like a steamroller") and the much higher weight, they achieved a better compaction of the subsoil. However, steam rollers were not only used as compaction equipment, but also performed many different pulling and transporting tasks on construction sites, as other engine-driven pulling machines were not yet available. (Source: Wikipedia)