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Trippel Trappel Dachshund

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An adorable and very rare toy - the Bing Trippel Trappel Dog, known simply as "Doggy". The toy was manufactured by Bing Brothers in Nuremberg, Germany, around 1907-1912, at the height of the "Teddy Bear Revolution". At the time, Bing was the largest toy manufacturer in Europe, producing plush bears and stuffed animals, and became very famous for its mechanical toys. This adorable Trippel Trappel, designed as a train toy on wheels, is made of mohair and stuffed with straw. His legs have a metal frame with wheels, and the puppy is fully articulated. He has short, reddish mohair fur, glass eyes and a black embroidered nose and mouth. The endearing expression on this precious dog's face is absolutely adorable. Remarkably, this antique toy dog is completely original, including the four wheels, the original leather collar with metal detail and buckle and, very importantly, his ID tag, which is in perfect condition. The tag reads "TRIPPEL-TRAPPEL" on one side and "GBN" on the reverse. The eyes, nose and mouth are also original - amazing. He measures about cm in length and cm in height. It is interesting that the Schuco company took up this expired patent again in the 1950s and produced trailing dogs under the name "Trip Trap" based on the Bing model. The Schuco company was founded in 1912 in Nuremberg by Heinrich Schreyer and the toolmaker Heinrich Müller, who had previously worked for the Bing toy factory.