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Wuppertal suspension railway

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The idea for this system came to him in a Cologne sugar factory, where the materials were moved through the tunnels by means of small wagons suspended from a rail. After the cities of Berlin, Munich and Breslau had rejected his single-rail "suspension railway" for passenger transport, the courageous city councillors decided to build the "suspension railway" in the narrow valley of the Wupper to cope with the increasing local traffic and there was enough space above the Wupper. The construction of an underground railway was ruled out because of the unfavourable ground conditions. In the summer of 1898, construction of the suspension railway began, 19200 tons of iron were used and 17 stations were built. His Majesty, the Emperor Wilhelm II with his wife Auguste Viktoriana and their entourage floated from the station "Döppersberg" through the valley of the Wupper on 24 October 1900. The first section between the stations Kluse and Zoo was opened to the public on March 1, 1901. The entire 13.3 km long line between the end points with reversing loop, Oberbarmen and Vohwinkel, was completed on June 27, 1903. The Bing layout is 65cm long and 21,5cm high. Typical for BING, probably the same tools were used for the car as for the dining car shown on the right, but with closed, chrome lithographed windows.